Update on the Northampton BID lawsuit

The Attorney Generals office has intervened in the Northampton Business Improvement District (NBID) suit due to the U.S. and Massachusetts Constitutional issues.  From the Plaintiffs motion,  " Essentially, this Court is being asked to declare unconstitutional the effect of one sentence in the statute: "A non-participating owner in the district shall become a participating member on the date of a renewal vote".  G.L. c.40O, s.4.

NoBidMass.com is headed to Court in December

The Northampton NoBidMass.com has filed two lawsuits against the Northampton BID and The City of Northampton.  Their first state suit filed in 2009 challenges the establishment of the BID.   The second federal suit challenges the constitutionality of of the new amendments approved in 2012 to the legislation forcing everyone in the BID district to become a member.  Changing the status from voluntary to mandatory membership with NO rights given to the opt outs businesses to VOTE to renew the BID.  The Northampton No Bid members have spent over $135,000.00 in attorney fees so far and they are

Review Your Tax Charges

An update on your current and upcoming tax bills.  As many already know taxes only do one thing, they just keep going up.  Currently for a commercial property located in Hyannis the Town Tax rate is $7.89 per thousand, plus the Fire Rate of $3.18 per thousand and then the BID rate of $3.00 per thousand.

Federal law Suit Posted on this Site

To view the Federal law suit, please click Documents and then click Complaint.  We should hear from the BID by July 21, 2013.  We will keep you updated.

Press Release - Hyannis BID served summons 7/1/13

Christine Carey has filed a Federal Law Suit against the Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District that challenges the BID amendment that imposes mandatory membership in the Hyannis BID.   Christine Carey is a business owner in the BID district.  The Hyannis BID was est. in 1999 by approval of the Town Council.  New amendments in 2012 changed the voluntary membership into a mandatory membership.

Opt Out Meeting in Northampton, MA

I attended the Opt Out Meeting held by Alan Scheinman and W. Michael Ryan in Northhampton, Mass.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

As of Friday 30% of Main Street business owners have signed the Petition to dissolve the BID.  Your signed Petition will be kept completely CONFIDENTIAL until at least 51% of the property owners have signed on, and at that time it will be presented to the Town Counsel for the dissolution of the BID.  Each and every signature is important to reaching our goal to dissolve the BID.  You can download and print a Petition under documents and mail it to:  Joe Eaton, c/o Hyannis Inn Motel, 473 Main St. Hyannis, MA 02601.  Thanks for your continued support.  RidtheBid.org

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We encourage everyone who wants to Dissolve the BID to get your Petitions signed and mailed to Hyannis Inn, 473 Main St., Hyannis, MA 02601.  We are all very busy collecting signatures.  Keep checking this site for our upcoming meeting.  Thanks to all for your continued support.   RidtheBid.org      

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Northhampton property owners W. Michael Ryan, Alan Scheinman file suit over forced inclusion in downtown Business Improvement District (Masslive.com) by Fred Contrada

Read More on MassLive.com. Click Here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Revolution has Begun!  We are all busy collecting signatures for the petition to Dissolve the BID.  You can now download and print in the documents file.  We would like to present the Petition to the Council before July 1, 2013 when the new BID dues will be enforced.


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